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Yuen Kay San Wing Chun; is a practical fighting system which focuses on rapidly destabilizing and disabling an opponent.  Unlike karate or many other martial arts; Wing Chun is an ‘internal system’ which relies on technique, reflexes, body positioning, and rapid strikes to critical points; rather than strength.  While strength can be helpful in most situations; finesse; not force; is our focus.  Wing Chun was initially established over 300 years ago by a woman to defeat larger and stronger male opponents through redirection and precision strikes to vulnerable areas.

Wing Chun is an internal system as its primary focus is using the body’s structure and positioning over strength.  External systems; such as boxing; require a great deal of strength and endurance, while Wing Chun does not.  Wing Chun is an art and science, which relies on mental and dynamic stillness, and can be pursued and improved upon over a life time.  Because Wing Chun was developed to apply body structure and positioning by a woman to overcome a larger and stronger male opponents power advantage; it is ideal for self-defense, regardless of gender, strength, or size.

Practitioners train in various positions to develop structure, balance, posture, centeredness, and an ‘explosive’ spring which powers our short, fast, yet powerful strikes.  Wing Chun practitioners can fight using any stance and bodily position deemed necessary for a given encounter.  However, elbows will usually remain in the center and an opponent can expect to receive anywhere from 4-20 strikes, kicks, and/or techniques per second (depending on the practitioner’s skill level); all directed toward vital structure or organs; in a real fight. –every strike intent on incapacitating the aggressor. There are no set combinations for an opponent to anticipate; everything is in the moment. Every movement made by an aggressive opponent determines how and when the Wing Chun practitioner’s body responds to protect itself from potentially life-threatening harm.

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Our perspective on other martial arts is summed up by a single Tibetan Proverb:

“Accept a good custom even if it comes from the tribe of an enemy; reject a bad custom even if it comes from your own family

Accept gold even if it comes from a fool; reject poison even if it comes from your mother”



review1-compressor “Sifu Michael is very knowledgeable and patient. He takes time to practice with each student and individually ensures correct technique . His classes are fast pace and never get boring. This is a great place for beginners and for advanced students looking to improve their skills.”
– Sepideh Khalilian

post2 “Sifu Michael is a really patient and skillful person who has deep thought and clean techniques for wingchun. His explanation of the concept is clear, and will also demonstrate us about the application of each one. I have learned a lot from this wingchun martial arts school”
– Harold Sang

post2 “Sifu Michael has shown me how to generate tremendous force in the minimum space and time. The concepts in Yuen Kay San Wing Chun are different in some fundamental ways from Yip Man Wing Chun, and similar in many others. Having trained several years in YMWC these are quite apparent. The system immediately shows that techniques are effective and efficient at realistic speed and power. Sifu’s extensive (military) knife and gun training provides him the background to incorporate traditional knowledge with the practical application one could expect on the street. Classes focus on sticking to incoming attacks, speed, and timing as with traditional WC. I highly suggest checking out a class!”
– Mayer Green


Michael Quist
Michael Quist

After several years of study, I have attained my fifth degree Black Sash from Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu – Miller’s Studio in Fairfax, Virginia and the United States Martial Arts Federation.

The award of a black sash is quite rare; mine being the twenty-fourth (24th) honor provided by Sifu Alton Miller since 1980.

Although I have completed varying degrees of study in other martial arts, spanning over decades; I discovered my true passion once I began dedicating myself to the study of Wing Chun.

Following retirement from careers in both the United States Army and our federal government, I have decided to open my own studio with the encouragement and support of Sifu Miller. A fortunate partnership with the Silver Spring Medical Center (Silver Spring, Maryland) has provided me with a school from which I may share my acumen. All who are interested in Wing Chun are welcome to visit and attend a complimentary/free week of lessons.

Our lineage is quite direct and transparent. We practice a lineage named after Grand Master Yuen Kay San who, by historical accounts, remained undefeated after a thirty (30) year period in which his combative altercations are said to have numbered in the hundreds (quite literally). General information on Master Yuen Kay San maybe found here:

All students are taught to the highest level of standards conveyed to me by Sifu Miller and the masters that form our lineage. My current schedule permits weekly classes (which may be found here:, and the opportunity for private lessons (arrangements may be made by contacting me directly here: [email protected]). You may be assured that my primary goal is to disseminate the teachings of our Wing Chun lineage and further an understanding of its deep intrinsic value; monetary motivations are the least of my concerns as I keep fees exceptionally reasonable.




Providing a center of excellence for persons wanting to increase their practical knowledge and skills in the Wing Chun system.